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Dependency Master File

Dependency Master File

This is a compilation of common dependencies (required downloads) for ZT2 usermade animals.
Author(s)Lgcfm Hendrix ZT ABC zerosvalmont Harlequinz eg0 Bill
GameZoo Tycoon 2
Required Exps.None Required
File size27.6 MB
Original release date2022-01-28
Archive date2024-06-26
Originally released atZooBerry
Author Allows Derivative Mods?Yes
Languages SupportedEnglish

This is a compilation of common dependencies (required downloads) for ZT2 usermade animals.

This file does not add any objects, animals or other content to your game. It simply includes the necessary files (mainly animations and taxonomy) for most usermade animals to be able to move ingame.

Please note that this file does not cover all posible requirements. For example, if an animal is coded for a custom biome or conservation status, or only eats from a particular usermade food, etc. you will still need to download those separately.

However, this file should still alleviate the need for most dependencies. It’s best to test to make sure.

=== Included in the Pack

Animation Sets:

  • JPOG Acrocanthosaurus (Harlequinz eg0)
  • Acrocanthosaurus (Bill)
  • WWD Azhdarcho (HENDRIX)
  • Greater Mouse-eared Bat (HENDRIX)
  • Goliath Birdeater (HENDRIX & Zerosvalmont)
  • Red-tailed Boa (HENDRIX)
  • Aurochs for people missing EA
  • Demoiselle Crane (ZTABC)
  • Crocodylia (HENDRIX & Zerosvalmont)
  • WWD Cryptoclidus (HENDRIX)
  • WWD Diplodocus (HENDRIX)
  • Dodo for people missing EA
  • WWD Dwarf Allosaur (HENDRIX)
  • North American Bull Frog (ZTABC)
  • European Hare (HENDRIX)
  • WWD Hyobdus (HENDRIX)
  • Marine Iguana (ZTABC) old and new
  • Eurasian Jay (HENDRIX)
  • WWD Leaellynasaura (HENDRIX)
  • Chinese Crocodile Lizard (ZTABC)
  • WWD Macrogryphosaurus (HENDRIX)
  • WWB Megatherium (HENDRIX)
  • Green Moray (HENDRIX)
  • Live Moth (HENDRIX)
  • WWD Muttaburrasaurus (HENDRIX)
  • Great Crested Newt (HENDRIX)
  • Peteinosaurus (HENDRIX)
  • Northern Pike (HENDRIX)
  • WWD Plateosaurus (HENDRIX)
  • Brazilian Porcupine (HENDRIX & Zerosvalmont)
  • Atlantic Puffin (ZTABC)
  • Northern White Rhinoceros (HENDRIX & Zerosvalmont)
  • WWD Saurolophus (HENDRIX)
  • Harbour Seal (HENDRIX)
  • Seal Pack (HENDRIX & Zerosvalmont)
  • Stygimoloch (Bill)
  • Tamandua (Zerosvalmont)
  • WWD Therizinosaurus (HENDRIX)
  • WWD Thrinaxodon (HENDRIX)
  • Keel-billed Toucan (HENDRIX & Zerosvalmont)
  • Ivory-Billed Woodpecker (ZTABC)