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Any inanimate objects including buildings, fences, paths, animal enrichment items, etc.

Animal Enrichment, Food, and Shelters Animal enrichment, food, and shelters to keep your animals fed and happy!
Files: 6
Arches, Fences, and Viewing Canopies Tighten up your zoo with fences and new arches.
Files: 9
Buildings Functional buildings such as food stands, carts, restaurants, etc.
Files: 1
Foliage Make your animals feel more at home with new living flora.
Files: 9
Paths Pave new roads for your guests to walk on.
Files: 12
Scenery Objects that are designed to just sit there and look pretty!
Files: 17
Theme Packs Bundles of objects all curated or designed after a specific theme.
Files: 10
Zootilities Zootilies are visitor services, accessibility, lighting, waste management, or informational items for your guests.
Files: 26