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Zoo Tycoon 2

Mods for the Zoo Tycoon sequel released in 2004.

Animals Adopt new animals to share with your guests at home!
Files: 161
Biomes Biome mods introduce diverse and exciting new terrains to your game, enriching your animals and zoo.
Files: 2
Expansive Packs These mods feel like unofficial expansion packs and mini DLC with mods from mixed categories.
Files: 29
Hacks Become an expert hacker and manipulate your Zoo Tycoon gameplay with these hacks!
Files: 11
Maps Experience new zoos created from other master zoo-builders.
Files: 3
Objects Any inanimate objects including buildings, fences, paths, animal enrichment items, etc.
Files: 90
Texture Mods Mods that simply modify in-game textures in any capacity.
Files: 55
Tools and Utilities Files or tools that extend game functionality, add features to the player's benefit, or expand modding capabilities.
Files: 2