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Invisible Fences Cheat Code

Invisible Fences Cheat Code

Use cheat codes to make fences invisible! Use cheat codes to make fences invisible! Use cheat codes to make fences invisible!
GameZoo Tycoon 1
Required Exps.DD MM
File date2024-03-24
File size637 bytes
Original release date2024-03-24
Originally released atZooBerry
Author Allows Derivative Mods?Yes
Languages SupportedEnglish

=== Invisible Fences Easter Egg

This mod adds a new “easter egg” cheat to the game. Rename a guest to “Mrs. Invis” to make all stick pole fences invisible. Rename a guest to “Mr. Show” to make all stick pole fences visible.

=== Features

  • Fences are indestructible while invisible. They also top off on health and strength every few months to prevent decay.
  • Turn invisible fences back on after placement to make changes.
  • Other traits while invisible: height of 5 units, not jumpable, not climbable.

=== Considerations

A minor bug exists where if you replace another fence with an invisible fence, then both will turn invisible. Renaming a guest to Mr. Show will only make the stick pole fence visible, not the other one. You can run the bulldozer along the path you remember to delete it. A fix will be patched in a future version.

=== Installation

  1. Requires EMU v1.1.0 to work. EMU download here: https://github.com/openztcc/EMU/releases/latest

  2. To install, drop the res-EMU.dll binary directly into your C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Zoo Tycoon game directory.

  3. Create a new folder called scripts inside of your main Zoo Tycoon directory. Drop script inside this folder after EMU is installed.

  4. Run game.