Zooberry is a Zoo Tycoon mod-hosting platform dedicated to archiving mods once hosted by Zoo Tycoon websites that are no longer active. Click here to learn a little more about ZooBerry and why it exists. We also host mods for current modders. Please check out the contact page for our file hosting policy.



ZooBerry Times
Feb 27, 2024

We are phasing down the ZooBerry forum over the next couple of days. The main website with all of the downloads (what you’re seeing right now) is sticking around for years to come, but we took this opportunity to bite the bullet and make an OpenZT discord server in its place. Everyone is welcome to join: https://discord.gg/jgrNWbEucP.

It will be the primary place where you can find updates on all of our team projects including:

  • the OpenZT project, a reimplementation of Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection
  • ZooBerry.org, the mod-hosting platform for ZT1/ZT2
  • ZooBerry Docs, a website that intends to document everything it can about ZT1 modding for our project team to use as reference. it is public and open to contributions.
  • PANDA Loader, a mod loader for ZT1/ZT2 in early stages
  • EMU API, a project that adds Lua scripting support to ZT1
  • Misc normal ZT1 mods we work on

We also have a space for public project sharing that will hopefully grow with the project given time.

Thank you for supporting the ZooBerry community. We hope to see you on the discord server!

- Goosifer

Art Assets Art assets anyone can use for their own mod projects.
Files: 4
Zoo Tycoon 1 Mods for the original Zoo Tycoon released in 2001.
Files: 37
Zoo Tycoon 2 Mods for the Zoo Tycoon sequel released in 2004.
Files: 434