Zooberry is a Zoo Tycoon mod-hosting platform dedicated to archiving mods once hosted by Zoo Tycoon websites that are no longer active. Click here to learn a little more about ZooBerry and why it exists. We also host mods for current modders. Please check out the contact page for our file hosting policy.



Though ZooBerry does have a forum component where users may share mod progress threads, talk about Zoo Tycoon, or report ZooBerry issues, it is mostly meant to keep an open line of communication should anyone need to message us outside of email.

There are many other fansites that you are welcome to check out. These are also a good resource if you have questions about Zoo Tycoon mods or how to make them.

Table of Contents

For Community

Zoo Tek Phoenix

The longest-running Zoo Tycoon forum, Zoo Tek Phoenix sports one of the nicest communities out there and are always keen on helping if you get stuck.

Zoo Tek Phoenix

The ZT2 Roundtable

As the name suggests, this community is more geared toward fans of the Zoo Tycoon sequel. Still, it has one of the largest communities for the game still around.

The ZT2 Roundtable

The r/ZooTycoon Subreddit

Zoo Tycoon carries a large presence on Reddit and should quickly be a familiar format to any used to the karma-scoring link aggregator.


For more mods not hosted on ZooBerry

Learn how to create Zoo Tycoon mods