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Latest Mods

Latest mods archived on ZooBerry.

NamesCategories PublishedOriginally-Published OnAuthor(s)
Painted Reed Frog Pack 24.01.01ZT2 Design CentreSpike164uk
Realistic MM2 Biomes Hack 24.01.01ZT2 Design CentreShenTirag
Shadow Wolf 24.01.01ZT2 Design CentreSamemo Wolf Loving Bear Lover
zFixSunia 24.01.01ZT2 Design CentreKoffee
zHackWorldLocs 24.01.01ZT2 Design CentreKoffee
Asian Golden Cat 23.12.30ZT2 Design Centrereptilegpt
Box Turtle 23.12.30ZT2 Design CentrePenguinman DinoBoy
EA Biome Objects Hack 23.12.30Zoo Tycoon Volcano + HideoutKingcobrasaurus
Fire Pack 23.12.30ZT2 Design CentrePenguinman
Gibbon Pack 23.12.30ZT2 Design CentrePenguinman Gibbon-Fanatic
Lesser Flamingo 23.12.30ZT2 Design CentrePenguinman DinoBoy
Penguin Fountain 23.12.30ZT2 Design CentreGoosifer
Red Deer 23.12.30ZT2 Design CentrePenguinman
Slender-horned Gazelle 23.12.30ZT2 Design CentreKing_of_Pangaea Penguinman
Tibetan Blue Bear 23.12.30ZT2 Design CentreBobosmokey
Tree Elevated Path Pack 23.12.30Penguin's Peak ZT2 Design CentrePenguinman
ZT2DC Gazebo 23.12.30ZT2 Design CentreCrazyPeafowl Hendrix koala_pear Mysty ShenTirag Penguinman Mikaboshi
Amur Leopard 23.12.30Northern SkiesDent-de-sabre
Amur Leopard Mini Pack 23.12.30Northern SkiesSlice
Eurasian Wolf Mini Pack 23.12.30Northern SkiesSlice
Snowstalker 23.12.30ZT2 Design CentreBobosmokey
The Christmas Pack 23.12.30Z-StudioZ-Studio Zelda-Maniack Fauna
The Christmas Pack 2: 7 Reasons to Celebrate 23.12.30Z-StudioZ-Studio Zelda-Maniack Fauna
Winter Kirin 23.12.30Zoo Tycoon Volcano + HideoutKingcobrasaurus
Wooly Mammoth 23.12.30ZT2 Design CentreBurnt_Gecko Zooasaurus
Blue Poison Dart Frog 23.12.30Penguin's Peak ZT2 Design CentrePenguinman Nettie
Blue Roo 23.12.30ZT2 Design CentreNintendo_6444 Penguinman
Blue-backed Gorilla 23.12.30ZT2 Design CentreAlpha Koala
Caribbean Reef Squid 23.12.30ZT2 Design Centre Zoo Tycoon Volcano + HideoutDalturge
Cassowary 23.12.30ZT2 Design CentreBurnt_Gecko Zooasaurus