Zooberry is a Zoo Tycoon mod-hosting platform dedicated to archiving mods once hosted by Zoo Tycoon websites that are no longer active. Click here to learn a little more about ZooBerry and why it exists. We also host mods for current modders. Please check out the contact page for our file hosting policy.



Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to submit your own mod for publishing on ZooBerry.

Table of Contents

Submitting a new file

Want to submit a new file to ZooBerry? Email us at [email protected]

  • Please make sure to include the following in your email:

    • Author name(s)
    • Compatibility (is your mod for Zoo Tycooon 1 or 2? what expansions are required, if any)
    • Description of your mod and any other instruction
    • Do you allow derivitive mods?
      • Please see ZooBerry’s stance on mod licensure: On Licenses
    • Any screenshots
    • Your file. Please don’t forget to zip it up!
    • Zoo Tycoon 1-specific: If you’re submitting a Zoo Tycoon 1 file, please don’t forget to include a link to any required lang files if you have any.
    • Misc
      • Feel free to include any other information you wish such as links to a current projects thread to contact you, a github link, art asset licenses, or other instructions.

File Updates

If you have a new version of your mod, new screenshots, or new description, please feel free to email us to update your mod page.

File Testing

Any mods submitted for publishing directly on ZooBerry will be tested. We only check for reasonable bugs such as: does the asset load when place, textures load, no noticeable game-breaking bugs. Any observations will be sent to you, the author, if you wish to update your mod before publication.

Bug Reports

Feel welcome to report any bugs both ZooBerry-specific while browsing the website or mod-specific.

To report a bug, email us at [email protected]. Please include the following:

  • Link to the mod or page in question
  • Description of the bug
  • How to reproduce the bug
  • Any screenshots if you can

If the author is active, we will also email them to notify.

Please note that any bug-fixing remains at the discretion of the author.

Other queries

If you have other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at [email protected].